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"Is this what you want?" she asked.
I didn't know what to say.
How easily she was able to turn the tables.
She told me, "When you find what you're looking for,
Hang on with both arms and never let go."
I've got news for you, Just.... I am.


your temple at the waterfront

oceans as deep as my dreams;
waves crashing down on me
your last words
so bitter, so cold;
the tide rises over my sorrowful face,
choking on my final words to you;
feelings i never meant, how i wish
i could take back those things
your swollen eyes have made me say.

Note from Just - 1994 the wind blows the earthly sand west
i am deceived by the smells;
they linger evermore
in your temple at the waterfront;
a handful of rose petals, wence thrown,
how they run from each other
in the churning of the sea;
they run like your love did
your undying love for me.

unbelievable: the word you used to use for me;
how appropriate i am feeling that was,
for that's what you meant when
you to
ok away your belief in me.
is our love still there, entwined
with the passion in your sheets?
or has the ocean carried it far, far away
like the milk i sipped passionately
that you once gave freely to me?


the current pulls me under,
of this i'm not afraid,
i shall not even hold my breath;
nothing compares, nothing could ever compare,
to the scents that burn deep inside of me,
the memory of your breath,
and neck, and Design,
that still lingers in my heart,
that burns me up every moment of every day.

i dwindle like the refraction of the sun,
to seek the depths of this ocean,
to lurk the bottom like some wraith,
waiting to catch a glimpse, a glimmer,
a shard of light sent bouncing through the sea,
from some place on shore,
your sacred place on shore,
your temple at the waterfront;
i drift like a single discarded petal
waiting to feel your caress

First published previous to January 7, 1997


Letter (with Poem)
Searching and Waiting - First Published December 31, 1996



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