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"You're so unbelievable," she said.
My head is exploding.

"I need you so much, you steal
my nightmares away."
I'm invincible.

"I'm loving you more and more
every single day. I'm afraid to love you
any more. This can't go on."
And so I'm nothing.

You said I knew everything about you,
More than anyone ever cared to know.
You told me things youíve never told anyone:
Why you laugh, why you cry,
Then you kissed me your last good-bye.

What you never told me,
the most important thing,
was that you were a loaded gun
pointed at my heart.

You've loved me for the things I knew.. about you.
You've loved me for the games I played.. with you.
You loved me, but you couldnít understand me,
And I couldn't look you in the eye—
And now you wonít look at me ever again. :-(

And I'm dying to know you...
Aching to meet you...
And I'm disfigured inside
From always wanting to be near you.

I'd dance on the ledge
For a chance to be with you,
And trade all my prayers
For another moment beside you...

(I never meant to say all those awful things...)

(C)Copyright 1996 by Ronald Randazzo.



I try..

making things better for all..
instead, destroying number one..

I understand..

everything and everyone..
except for those I love..

I make..

blue oceans under grey skies..
boil with my touch
canít swim for fear of drowning
canít drown, too deep in love

I cry..

but show no remorse

I lie..

for I have no true answers

I try..

inviting myself into your mind..
wishing only to stay the night

I die..

again and again and again
I wish to die one last time

Iím about..

disappointments mostly.
hopes and dreams..shattered oceans ago

Iíve experienced everything.. at least once
seeing everything, knowing everything, simply feeling nothing

Iím about..

dark, dark weddings and white funerals

dreams, weaknesses, anger..
nuclear showers and lacy underpants..
roses with only one petal


that last ounce of powder
that didnít ignite during the explosion

Iím about five-feet-eight and very, very shy
dreaming of things that are never possible..
for me.

catching spiders by their tails.
kissing everyone one last goodbye.

(C)Copyright 1996 by Ronald Randazzo.


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All poems on this page are (C)Copyright 1996 by Ronald Randazzo.
Most of this original work was originally published under the pseudonym Ronald Rand.
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