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"A crimson kiss: So sweet, so deadly.
Tastes like a single drop of ginger on my lips.
Such an empty hole that fills my chest.
I didn't know it would be this way.
I wanted to be filled with your sweetness.
Why did you fill me with such pain?
An eternity in hell for a moment in your arms?
Yes...... It was worth it......."


The aroma was divinely sweet. It lit up my senses like a breeze in a cool, summer rain. Every smell was a new and foreign bouquet, yet it warmed my insides with it's ironic familiarity. I felt safe and shielded, completely invulnerable to the rest of the world. I smelled things reminiscent of odors and comfort I could only have otherwise experienced from the protective womb of my mother.

The blue wax candle burned bright and hot, despite the mere sediments of wax left in the crystal holder. The incense burned, leaving the essence of cinnamon, and a fire I remembered smelling somewhere from a distance on a dark and desolate, winding country road.

And the smell of perfume... So sweet and inviting it was.

Anything that smelled like that could only have originated from innocence. Yet, something in my subconscious told me it wreaked of sin and self-destruction. My mind, however it tried to remain in control, was oblivious to the dangers that lurked before me. I was completely taken by all these aromas. I was enthralled by the beauty of this maiden who lay in my arms.

I rested her upon the blanket spread so haphazardly on the cool, concrete floor. At that moment, I knew I'd give everything, and do anything, to bring pleasure to those eyes. Those calm and innocent, yet utterly deceiving, wide and fluttering, bedroom eyes. And give I did when she confessed to me her burning desire to share the blood from my open veins, how it would mean we'd be together forever and ever.

She carefully retrieved a package from under her pillow. She unfolded it and held up that sharp blade for my eyes to behold. I scanned up and down every inch of that consecrating blade. How meticulously it was crafted, obviously designed by fingers with impeccable tastes. Every centimeter of that tool was honed to absolute perfection. I noticed how snugly and comfortably it fit the palm of her hand. After what seemed like an eternity, I chanced a look back into those piercing eyes, and I felt my breath sucked -- no, not sucked, but rather forced from my lungs -- from the inside. I extended my hands and wrists for her beauty and those eyes, those lonely and deprived orbs. My mouth opened to say something, but words would not come forth.

I think I meant to say "Take Me", but what I said was in a language utterly foreign to me. She needed no further invitation. I saw the glint of the blade, and a trace of red on silver.

In the next moment, I was joined body and soul to that angel of love and hate. I tasted salt on my lips and experienced a loud clanging like heavy machinery deep in my ears.

I heard something crash.. The candle flickered out..

The rest of the night blurred like the taste of tin on my tongue.

(C)Copyright 1996 by Ronald Randazzo.


Crimson Kiss

It's been a long time
Since you've let me go
I'm addicted to your crimson kiss
and I've told you so
so long ago

You've shown me how it's done
and I've improved on it so
much I just want one last chance
to show you what I know
now Take me back

"But I've got something
going for me now,
you're an addict to my sin," she said.
Sweet smell of adrenaline.
I need you more now, bunnee
more than ever.. Your crimson kiss.

Addictive as cocaine, so white, powdery,
like the color of your hips
Ruby red like your lips
and smart as a your whips.

I've been there before
and it's a pleasant place
between your arms,
between your thighs,
tell me now with your silent eyes
how you'll be here til' tomorrow comes.

"But I've got something
going for me now," she said.
"You're an addict to my sin."
Sweet, sweet smell of adrenaline.
(you need me more now, bunnee
more than ever.. My velvet kiss.)

(C)Copyright 1996 by Ronald Randazzo.


All poems on this page are (C)Copyright 1996 by Ronald Randazzo.
Most of this original work was originally published under the pseudonym Ronald Rand.
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