The Trip
First published 1-11-98 as "The Dock"

no road winds through the town i will travel
the waves wash over the windless shore
a dock extends across a lake
a cool breeze on my back
and the moon smiles at me
much like you did that night, lover

reflecting through the night,
a smile, a passionate bite
echoes of pain from a mouth which longed for more
a scent of perfume masked with sweat
lingers in the air
and the static of waves
washing gently on a windless shore

i am alone but i still feel your hot breath
your nails slipped in so deeply
the flesh of my wrists
your back arched with the burning of my loins
a cry from your lips but it's all just in my head
no-one hears the gasps
or feels the slickness of your breasts
but I alone on a dock which rocks freely,
rhythmically, carnally on a lake
on a warm summer night
in the comfort of my bed
worlds away from you, my love

Cocaine Kiss
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