Stillborn Soul
First Published March 14, 1997

thump, thump...
thump, thump...
Tender heart beating..
Eyelids fluttering..
Popping wide open..
Corneas white,
burned out by the light..

(Much safer in the womb,
not quite ready yet
to be born..)
cold, naked,
and frightened..

thump, thump...
thump, thump...
Can you hear that?
Those lips,
they mutter..
trying to form
and syllables..
"It's time, dear..
Do it now.."

thump, thump...
thump, thump...
Hands reaching..
"Do it, dear, do it now.."
New mother reaches
deep inside,
pets the pusculent sac..
It's throat gurgles...
She cries..
"Love you, dear,
Never.. forget.. this.."
Hands grasping..
Thumbs pressing,
breaking the white sockets
like a disease..
wasting flesh..


a mercy killing..
like a runt puppy..
in a canvas sack..

I know it's hard..
throwing away those you love..
but what of the person
of whom you birth,
like babies born
without souls,
who will always long
to crawl,
and tuck themselves
back into your womb..
as you force them out
into the cold..

Cocaine Kiss
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