When Pigs Fly

I crawl into the darkness,
seclude myself from pain,
withering in ashes
from a cindered candy cane.

Paint myself a doorway
when you won't let me in,
alone in my dark chamber
where empty can't seep in.

Peel off sunburned skin.
Look what is within.
A war between the parasites,
mother nature's evil grin.

Pull out of the darkness,
wilting in the rain,
feeding on the swamplife
of a world gone down the drain.

Can it be that everything's
the way it's supposed to be?
Can't everything in front of me
just go away and leave me be?

Why'd i have to be here?
Why can't I just die?
Some day I will know the truth,
the day when all pigs fly.

Cocaine Kiss
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