Mother Earth
Written August, 2014

Planet Earth
There's no freedom here.
There's no help when you're in trouble.
There's no fairness in law.
There's no love for animals.
There's no reasoning with people's hearts.
Everyone believes whatever they want
without considering truth.
The world is my "Mommie Dearest."
Her sharp tongue like wire coat hangers,
her institutions are her closets.
This is a savage mother earth.

"Fall is such a beautiful season, with the trees changing colors, and the cool breezes. Halloween was my favorite holiday, and I longed to walk hand-in-hand down the sidewalk with my beautiful woman, admiring the children's costumes, and tracing my fingers on the creases of her warm, beautiful hands, as we reminisced and people-watched, perhaps with a slight Tequila-buzz to set the mood off just right. Would it ever happen??"

Written from behind the cold walls of a psych ward.
The mask, "Never look through my eyes," was also created
in the looney bin and mounted on my palette.

Cocaine Kiss
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