I don't think a camera lens
can picture what's inside.
I don't think a blazing heat
could sear away your Leo pride.
I can feel your burning touch
that's hotter than the sun
melt away my loneliness
I never thought could be undone.

I can see your faith
Answering my cries.
I've never felt a God before
Like Him I see inside your eyes.
Without you, there's no reason
To face those things I've come to fear.
I think deep inside of you
Lay all the reasons why I'm here.

There's a picture in my heart
That can never again be taken away.
And even in my blindness,
I know will never fade away --
Like roses pressed within your scriptures,
where hopes and dreams stem from.
All I ask is a little help --
Help me fix what I've become!

Cocaine Kiss
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