Creature of the Night

Sin is the ultimate creature
of the night
A dog-like man's bark
turn to bite
Canine teeth rip an old man
of his right
arm blood gushing, he's lost
the will to fight
he fell prey to the...

Creature of the Night

Razor sharp teeth give way
to flesh and bone
Tendons pop, Demons ripping
at his soul
A piece of the body is
offered to the sky

Take a bite, take a bite!
but don't fall prey to the...

Creature of the Night

Creature of the Night
Creature of the Night
he watch the full moon rise
Taking lives on sight
he ignores their final cries
Your trapped soul rips
in your body to get away,
Metamorphosis, your
transformation's under way
your skin crawls, your flesh
is ripping away
uh-oh, look out, you've
fallen prey to the
Creature of the Night

Canine instincts

This poem, yet unfinished,
was written by me when I was 11 (1985)..

Cocaine Kiss
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