By Ronald Randazzo
Written approximately 1996-1997.

I saw a movie yesterday
just to get away from it all.
But on the screen
in her face I saw your eyes,
nose, lips..
I'd almost forgotten your face..
tried hard to forget your face..
yet, there it was..
and I could not deny

I promised we'd go to Arizona

I think my date saw the torment in my eyes..
If only she knew what I'd give
to just get away, to not feel the pain

If only she had any idea
why I'm dying just to get away..
If only she could see my pain,
but it's no use.. it's not you.

and i promised to take you to Arizona

The torment, the rage, my forgotten promise..
My pulse quickened, and my eyes stung..
Maybe she'll think I cried about the movie.
Maybe i can let it flow, and she'll believe,
yes, maybe she'll believe..
it's simply a lash in my eye!

She thinks it's so sweet..
She wipes the tear from my cheek..
and she loves me for this sensitivity..
Yet she doesn't know, and never will
because it's not you..

and we'll never make it to arizona.

Cocaine Kiss
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