Goddess Celeste
Poem First Published Previous To April, 1999

Celeste said the stars
were a billion fires,
hung from the heavens
by a billion fine wires,
and Heaven was a place
with leather and lace
that was created by an angel
many years in the past.
And the angel wore a corset,
a midnight latex corset,
that outshined all the stars
from the zenith of the sky.
And her enemy was man,
and all Earth men were damned,
just for being without seeing,
and speaking without meaning,
and all of Earth's men now are damned.
And Celeste showed me the pain,
showed me how to take the pain,
with the bruises on my knees
and the welts upon my back.
Then i laid upon the floor
feeling like a worthless whore
and let the ground and pain consume me,
watched the earth worms digest me,
and there's really no point asking now
what everything she did all was for.

Cocaine Kiss
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