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The Pope gets a black eye. 9/11/17 The day I start advertising my video. Another Matrix-style miracle brought by yours truly. Behold, a thief is ransacking your church!! God has spoken to the Pope for me.

They told me to "clean up this shithole and maybe, just maybe, we'll bring your deceased ancestors back to life for you." They showed me their spaceship. It's huge! And they showed me an electric light being. And they showed me a vision of someone being reincarnated in a vat of a bloody substance. So, come on, be a sport, and help me get this place cleaned up, okay? We have to try!!!!

WHEN thou seest the great prelates with splendid mitres of gold and precious stones on their heads, and silver crosiers in hand; there they stand at the altar, decked with fine copes and stoles of brocade, chanting those beautiful vespers and masses, very slowly, and with so many grand ceremonies, so many organs and choristers, that thou art struck with amazement . . . .
Men feed upon vanities and rejoice in these pomps, and say that the Church of Christ was never so flourishing, nor divine worship so well conducted as at present . . . . likewise that the first prelates were inferior to these of our own times. The former, it is true, had fewer gold mitres and fewer chalices, for indeed what few they possessed were broken up to relieve the needs of the poor; whereas our prelates, for the sake of obtaining chalices, will rob the poor of their sole means of support. But dost thou know what I would tell thee? In the primitive church the chalices were of wood, the prelates of gold; in these days the Church hath chalices of gold and prelates of wood.--Savonarola

1 Thessalonians 5:2
For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.

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9/15/2017 Trump wants to shut down the Internet.

And here's to all the many haters on Lunatic Outpost, where people know me as AtomIcarus. Bite me, pie! I made this especially for you.

9/18/17 Funny that hurricanes Joseph and Mary are arriving as I'm having my coming-out party.

If you're doing anything evil, I'd be very afraid if I were you. If they would torture me, an innocent man, just think of what they will do to you.

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